Small Business Formation

With our small business package we help owners select, form, and start businesses. Choosing the correct business form is important. It will save from overpaying your business from personal liability in the event a dispute arises. Contact us, we will provide experienced legal representation that will help you form your business entity correctly.

It is important for you to fully understand the pros and cons of each entity structure before you setup your business. Our Dallas small business lawyers understands the importance and nuances of entity formation in Texas.

Types of Business Organizations in Texas

It can be difficult to understand the variety of options when selecting and forming a new business entity in Texas. There are numerous types of business formations in Texas to choose from, including:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Series LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Professional Corporations
  • Professional Associations

How do I form a business entity in Texas?

Setup an initial consultation with a Us. After our initial meeting, the firm will complete the required paperwork and draft applicable state filings. We will then meet a second time to confirm the business entity and answer additional questions. Afterwards, the firm will file the appropriate paperwork with the county and/or state.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Business?

The price to create and form a business in Texas varies on the type of entity selected. Our small business package provides offerings at competitive flat fee arrangements. because we understand the importance of controlling costs when starting a business. All of our fees include the cost to file your organization with the state of Texas.

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